The french cuma network in international cooperative development abroad

AG 2014 Intervention Jérôme Monteil
Photo : Entraid Pascal Bordeau
A cooperative movement involved in cooperative development abroad.

80 local/REGIONAL federations, 1 national federation :

  • Support and advice to the groups
  • Decision-support tools and methods
  • Trainings, Events
  • Advocacy
  • Technical datas and figures

Federations of Cuma are autonomous and ruled by farmers

Why are we engaged in international cooperation ?

  • To take part to the development of agriculture systems close to ours (family farms)
  • To get a better recognition of Cuma movement
  • To go into issues related to co-operatives in depth
  • Unifying experiences for the members of our cooperative network

What do we do ?

1. Cooperative awareness
Contribution of farmers members of a Cuma and/or advisors of Cuma :
  • TO LISTEN to the local situation described by participants
  • TO EXPLAIN : Why they have become members of a cooperative ; The operating way of their cooperative, based on cooperative principles
  • TO IMAGINE WITH THE PARTICIPANTS a virtual project of shared investment

How do we act ?

2. Support to the emergence and development of local-scale projects of shared investment : shared mechanization, small-scale process units,…

3.  Sharing of experiences with other european cooperatives organisations

Our assets for cooperative development

  • “Basic” cooperatives, focused on the farms (not on the market)
  • A specific know-how on shared mechanization
  • Skills available on collective organization
  • A strong and diversified network of Cuma and federations

Link to :  general key facts about Cuma

Contacts : Christine ferrier / Pierre-francois vaquie

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