Do you know the Cuma?

French Cumas are farmers groups sharing equipment, best practices, ideas and sometimes staff. They also are very local economic players, championing the values of solidarity, helping to strike a balance between food and energy production, farmers and their families’ way of life, and rural communities..

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Definition : what is a Cuma ?

Cuma in French stands for Coopérative d’Utilisation de Matériel Agricole (farm machinery cooperative). They are typically local cooperatives where farmers pool resources (machinery, labour, sheds, workshops…) . There is around 115000 of them all over France.

Thanks to a specific legal framework, their members are able to significantly lower machine-related spendings in their own business, as well as access the latest technology options and rationalise farming on-site operations. 

Members are thus more efficient, innovative and share the risks associated with investment.

The Cuma is also a place to share experiences and spread new practices, to engage in ongoing training, to get involved in local development and establish social ties based on solidarity.

Cuma : benefits for the farms

Cuma : benefits for territories and economic activity

Cuma : benefits for innovation and the environment

Federated Cuma within a strong federated network

The Cuma  benefit from an integrated support network: federations at different levels (departmental or interdepartmental federations, grouped together in regional federations).

At the national level, the head of that network, the Fédération nationale des cuma, represents cuma and farmers from all over France. It articulates and voices their demands to national authorities. 

The FNcuma:

Key figures

With its network of more than 10,000 cooperatives, Cuma truly are key stakeholders in the development of agricultural operations and regions.

On average, mechanisation costs represent 18% of operating costs, adding up to over 18 billion euros. Sharing equipment between Cuma allows savings of up to 20% in this area.

In a changing agricultural climate, this cost-cutting measure is therefore vital but it is not the only added value Cuma have to offer.

Rethinking labour organisation methods by including the development of shared jobs is vital to meeting demand for a workforce specialised in the use and repair of increasingly high-performance equipment.

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Key figures: Cuma in France

+ 10.000

Cuma in France

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Cuma members in France


members on average per Cuma

Cuma are created and managed by volunteer farmers, who can become administrators, elected among their members. Each member can vote in general assemblies (election of directors, approval of their management, etc.) whatever the financial investment did in the Cuma.

Key figures: Cuma activities

Iconic equipment in Cuma

Mechanization remains the main activity of the Cuma. Their activities cover a multitude of agricultural work using machines.
With 250,000 pieces of equipment in operation, the Cuma have a diversity of self-propelled equipment and towed equipment.


equipments owned by Cuma

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Key figures: economic activity


Cuma turnover network members

452millions euros

Total investment

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